Tackling camel thorn (Alhagi maurorum Medik.) in Victoria, Australia

Camelthorn (Alhagi maurorum Medik.) is a State prohibited weed in Victoria. State Prohibited Weeds either do not occur in Victoria, or there is an expectation they can be eradicated from the state. The Victorian Government aims to eradicate all new incursions of State prohibited weeds as soon as they are detected. This paper describes the occurrence of camelthorn in Australia, its identification, reproduction and dispersal, ecology, impacts and its allellopathic nature. It also describes an eradication and management program initiated by the Victorian Government.

Cite as: Munakamwe, Z. (2016). Tackling camelthorn (Alhagi maurorum Medik.) in Victoria, Australia. Plant Protection Quarterly 31(2), 44-45.


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First published online: July 8, 2016