Adenosma indiana (Lour.) Merr. (Plantaginaceae), a recent addition to the naturalised flora of Australia

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Adenosma indiana (Lour.) Merr. is an herbaceous flowering plant newly recorded as naturalised in Australia from a series of occurrences about 70 km south and south-east of Darwin, Northern Territory. It shows a propensity to spread geographically and to form local dense swards in disturbed margins of native vegetation. The species is widespread in Asia including the Indian subcontinent where it has long been used medicinally. The plant is described and distinguished from allied native species in Adenosma and the related genus Stemodia in northern Australia; its nomenclature is summarised; its ecology and weediness are discussed in the context of its Asian ecology; its broad range of uses is summarised; and its Australian origin discussed.

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Westaway, J.O. and Barker, W.R. (2015) Adenosma indiana (Lour.) Merr. (Plantaginaceae), a recent addition to the naturalised flora of Australia. Plant Protection Quarterly. 30(4), 133-138.


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First published online: December 22, 2015