The invasive weed Chinese violet (Asystasia gangetica subspecies micrantha) now threatens northern Australia

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Asystasia gangetica (L.) T.Anderson subsp. micrantha (Nees) Ensermu (syn. Asystasia coromandeliana var. micrantha Nees) is a plant that could have nationally significant impacts on Australian agriculture and environments if allowed to spread. It is one of seventeen sleeper weeds identified by Cunningham et al. (2003) in the Australian Bureau of Rural Sciences report that prioritised weeds for eradication based on feasibility and potential threat. A native to tropical Africa where it is known commonly as creeping foxglove, and tropical Asia where it is known as the Ganges primrose (Adetula 2004), it is known commonly as Chinese violet in Australia and mostly confined to the Port Stephens area of New South Wales.

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Skinner, J. (2015) The invasive weed Chinese violet (Asystasia gangetica subspecies micrantha) now threatens northern Australia. Plant Protection Quarterly. 30(4), 126-132.


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First published online: December 22, 2015