Effective weed management from theory to reality


Weed management can seem overwhelming…

“Where do we start and why there? When should we do the work? What methods should we use? The people in the office telling me what to do, don’t know what they’re talking about! Are we actually achieving anything? And when I finally do the work, I find someone else has already sprayed it! Aaaaarrrgh!!!”

It does not have to be this way. The National Parks and Wildlife Service North Coast Region has developed some tools and processes to help empower staff and enable on-ground weed managers to easily access detailed planning information.

The methods being implemented ensure that the highest priority sites are selected; that staff involved in the work have an equal say in annual priorities and actions; that they have enough information to enable them to understand the problem and use best management techniques; that stakeholders are aware of what each other is doing; and that effective monitoring is in place. In combination, these methods help ensure that we are actually winning.

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Scanlon, T. (2015) Effective weed management from theory to reality. Plant Protection Quarterly. 30(3), 76-82.

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First published online: October 29, 2015