The common armyworm, Mythima convects (Walker) (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera), a seasonal resident in Tasmania

The status of common armyworm, Mythimna convecta (Walker) in Tasmania is examined through specimen-based and observational pest records in the Tasmanian Plant Pest Database, supplemented by analysis of data from other traps and field observations. An erroneous first Tasmanian record of 1984 for this pest is corrected by establishing several new pest records dating back to 1899. A day-degree developmental model is used to help interpret light trap catches. Comparison with catches in fermenting liquid traps is made and confirms that the latter are more effective for detecting this pest. Coincidental catches of other species that are migrants or vagrants, and analysis of backward air trajectories associated with light trap catches of common armyworm are used to show the plausibility of immigration into Tasmania by common armyworm in all seasons. It is concluded that common armyworm migrates frequently in various seasons into Tasmania from mainland Australia and establishes a warm-season generation but does not overwinter in the island state.

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Hill, L. (2013a). The common armyworm, Mythima convecta (Walker)(Noctuidae: Lepidoptera), a seasonal resident in Tasmania. Plant Protection Quarterly 28(4), 114-9.


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First published online: December 5, 2013