Making the move from traditional to contemporary weed management

This paper is an account of how Far North Coast Weeds, a Weeds County Council in the Far North Coast region of New South Wales, transitioned from a traditional weed management model to a contemporary weed management approach. This area of New South Wales has the highest biodiversity values in the State and includes all the right climatic and geographic ingredients that allow it be a true garden of Eden for weed domination. Operating in one of the most complex and challenging weed management environments in Australia this County has actively adopted and espoused the goals of the New South Wales Invasive Species Plan in all facets of its business planning and service delivery. Through sheer determination, innovation and belief this approach has inspired stakeholders who were once negative and disengaged to embrace and unite to tackle weeds strategically to return the highest return on investment and the greatest public benefit.

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Willmott, J. (2013). Making the move from traditional to contemporary weed management. Plant Protection Quarterly 28(3), 75-6.


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First published online: September 6, 2013