Daphne laurel L. (Thymelaeaceae): A weedy alien species new to Australia

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The alien species, Daphne laureola L., is reported as naturalised in Australia for the first time. It has been found at Fern Tree, Tasmania, on the foothills of Mount Wellington, where it has been spread, most likely by birds, from garden plantings into adjacent bushland. This also represents the first instance of the genus Daphne L. being naturalised in Australia. A detailed account is provided, including a description, notes on its distribution and ecology and a comparison with other species similar in appearance.

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Baker, M.L. (2013). Daphne laureola L. (Thymelaeaceae): A weedy alien species new to Australia. Plant Protection Quarterly 28(1), 3-5.


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First published online: February 4, 2013